Started in 2014, Bearwrist is a digital showcase of my passion for watches and photography. It eventually became my personal watch diary of daily watch encounters throughout my watch career.

In 2015, I launched Project Heroes, my collection of bracelet inspired by ancient warrior helmets. Each are handmade with a highly detailed finishing. I think, skull, as a symbol, is too overused for mens jewellery. It is time to change the game. 

In early 2016, I initiated #WatchFamAsia with a group of active Asian based watch Instagramers. My vision is to bring online interactions  to regular offline meetups, which will be a mashup of watch enthusiasts, latest products, hottest brands, along with drinks and infinite mingles at the best lounges around the city.

Regarding my career, I joined Undone's founding team (@UndoneWatches), a brand that is specialized in custom made watches, which I am responsible for Undone's overall marketing. I am also behind the social media accounts of @ClassicWatchRepair, a watch boutique that deals with vintage timepieces. It is founded by Michael Young, a.k.a., the  'Bracelet Magician', who made his fame by restoring vintage Rolex watch bands, way before social media even exist!

  Join my passion and follow my journey on social media! Drop me a message anytime for a chat or if you have a plan to change the world. 

"Present is a gift"  -