SevenFriday M2-2 Watch Review

SevenFriday launched their latest rose gold M2-2 at Baselworld 2015. I was lucky enough to play with the watch in London with Sevenfridayaholic prior to its official release ( Thank you my friends in Sevenfriday and Sevenfridayaholic ). For those who are new to SevenFriday, it is a Swiss brand founded in 2012 by watch veteran Dan Niederer. Their designs are heavily influenced by the industrial revolution, which their bold and futuristic appeal is quickly gaining popularity among the watch community. 

The SevenFriday M2-2 is a product extension of the M series. It features a 47mm stainless steel case with 5N rose gold PVD treatment, housing A Miyota 8215 automatic movement with 40 hours of power reserve. Its design inspiration came from old power measuring tools and turbines like ammeters and old radios. Time is indicated using three custom rotating discs for hours, minutes and seconds. Comparing the Sevenfriday M2-1 and M2-2, there are a few design upgrades that has made the new comer even more distinctive. 

The existing M models has a mostly covered dial showing only a small portion of the rotating discs. However, the new M2-2 features a 100% cut out above the hour disc, making it fully visible to the user. The numbers on the second indicator are replaced with 60 micro markers to achieve a more simplistic look. Overall, the new dial design is more spacious, which also gives the three-dimensional dial even more depth.


To achieve the futuristic look, the Sevenfriday M2-2 used a mix of polished, brushed, satin and PVD finished parts to match with different colours including rose gold, blackened silver and grey, to create strong visual contrasts. Diving deeper into more details, the width of the cut out above the hour trench is wider on the right side of the dial for easier time indication. There is also a layer of tinted mineral glass on top of the hours disc along the narrower trench to further enhance the dial's contrast.

The watch crown is located on the left side of the case and a rose gold metal brand plate can be found at the opposite side. One unique feature on the SevenFriday M2-2's case back is the engraved balance wheel, is a nice touch to reinforce the brand's identity. Every watch's unique serial number can also be found on the back plate, alongside mini information labels about the watch’s dimension, lug width, movement and water resistance. The SevenFriday M2-2 comes with a tapered brown 28mm hand made genuine suede leather strap that is extremely comfortable to wear. It's the most comfortable Sevenfriday stock strap out there in my honest opinion.

Overall, the SevenFriday M2-2 has definitely become one of my favourite watches of my collection lately. It is a masculine, distinctive, futuristic and elegant timepiece. It is also a great conversation starter that captured a lot of attention in various occasions. This particular model is rumoured to have 400 produced only for this fall, and another 2000 only for 2016. Although it is not a limited edition officially, its demand is certainly greater than its supply. From what I see, the M2-2 is quickly becoming a new favourite for many Sevenfriday loyalists. Shaure your your thoughts about the watch and enjoy the SevenFriday M2-2 gallery that I will constantly update. Don’t forget to checkout @Sevenfriday and @Sevenfridayaholic on Instagram !

Find out more about the SevenFriday M2-2  from this unboxing and review video on YouTube. (Video Courtesy from my friend James from Sevenfridayaholic)