Project Heroes by BW

A Symbolic Revolution


a new symbolism for men's jewellery

Skulls have long been the most commonly used symbolism for men's jewellery. I feel like every gentleman deserves more choices to express the inner self through his jewellery. Project Heroes is inspired by the masculine symbolism behind ancient warrior helmets from different cultures and civilisations. The initial launch features three characters with distinctive traits. Each charm is 100% handmade by a dedicated silversmith, making them one of a kind to its owner. The helmets are complimented by a unique selection of materials and fittings. Every piece is a conversation starter made for every gentleman's pleasure.

Augustus (The Lord)

Hero Augustus

 The leader, calm and clever.

  • 100% hand made with oxidised 925 sterling silver
  • 2 handset black loose Cubic Zirconia and 20 handset white loose sapphire
  • '925' engraved at the back 
  • 2mm polished 925 sterling silver beads separator 
  • 6mm Faceted hematite beads to enhance texture and contrast
  • BW Sterling Silver signature adjuster

Heron (The Spartan)


The achiever, fearless and adventurous..

  • 100% hand made with oxidised 925 sterling silver
  • 12 handset blue loose sapphire and 50 handset Cubic Zirconia
  • '925' engraved at the back 
  • Sterling silver detailed fittings to enhance the total armour look
  • 6mm blue agate, sterling silver separators, black onyx
  • BW Sterling Silver signature adjuster

Heron (Left) and Augustus (Right)

Olaf (The Berserker)

Coming soon, Olaf  the Berserker. 

The crusader, bold and fearsome.

  • 100% hand made with 925 darkened sterling silver
  • 2mm polished 925 sterling silver beads separator 
  • '925' engraved at the back 
  • 925 Sterling silver fittings and separators
  • 6mm black lava stone beads
  • BW Sterling Silver signature adjuster

Release Notes

Only small quantities of bracelets are available initially due high labour costs and long lead times for the charms. The charms differs slightly due to its handmade nature. The finest raw materials are sourced from local markets around the world to ensure premium product quality. I personally inspect and sign off each bracelet before your order is processed.   

All bracelets comes with an easy 'slide to fit' mechanism, which fits wrists from 6.5 to 8 inch.

Price: US$90 including worldwide delivery

About Me

the origin of my passion

I started my online store selling Lum-Tec watches in Hong Kong 5 years ago (thanks to Mr. Chris Weigand). Since then, my passion for watches branched into jewellery and accessories, which got me into the industry in London to work for one of the largest jewellery distributors in the world. Since I started my watch collection, I developed deep interest in watch photography and started to be active on the Instagram watch community as my collection grows. Being a non-conformist, I am daring myself to establish BW as a brand for the symbolic revolution of mens jewellery and accessories.